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Termín pro přihlášení k SZK je 11. května 2021.

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27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

European Association od Archaeologists Conference 2021 (Kiel)
Členové Ústavu pro archeologii organizují nebo spoluorganizují sekce:
22 – „Material culture studies and societies“
352 – „Empowering the Voiceless. The Role of the Rural Population in State Building and Christianisation in East-Central Europe“
375 – „Archaeology, Language and Landscape“

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RURALIA is an international association for the archaeology of medieval and post-medieval settlement and rural life.

It provides a conference of current research questions in rural archaeology from most participating European countries to strengthen the exchange of knowledge in, and the development of, archaeologically comparable studies, and to make archaeological results available to other disciplines.

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