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Zahraniční konference 2021

European Association od Archaeologists Conference 2021 (Kiel)

Členové Ústavu pro archeologii organizují nebo spoluorganizují sekce:

22 – „Material culture studies and societies“

352 – „Empowering the Voiceless. The Role of the Rural Population in State Building and Christianisation in East-Central Europe“

375 – „Archaeology, Language and Landscape“


International Medieval Congress (Leeds)

Dr. Mária Varghová z Ústavu pro archeologii spolu/organizuje sekce:

1519 – „Religious Landscapes, Political Climates: Interaction and Interference of Church and State throughout the Middle Ages“

1201 – „Overcoming Borders between Disciplines, III: Connecting History, Archaeology, and Biology by Means of Digital Tools“

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