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AÚ AV ČR Praha, v.v.i. vás zve na přednášku

Jessica Keil & Stefan Gridling (Universität Innsbruck): Bronze Age in Tyrol. Two complementary case studies.

23. květen, 14:30

Přednáška proběhne hybridně – v knihovně ARÚ v Letenské 4, Praha, a online přes Zoom (https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/97501185208 | passcode: 050859).


With its rich copper ore deposits, North Tyrol was an important supplier of raw material for Europe in the 2nd and early 1st millennium BC. Two ongoing case studies by PhD students Jessica Keil and Stefan Gridling (Innsbruck University) shed new light on different aspects of this intriguing era in the Eastern Alpine region.

“Colonization – Copper – Climate. The (Early) Bronze Age in North Tyrol, Western Austria”, presented by Jessica Keil, mainly deals with the question of how copper supply and settlement activity were linked on a local and regional level. Various limitations of the archaeological record necessitate a broad methodological approach and, for example, the consideration of palynological sources as well as socio-economic theories.

“A glimpse into the past: Insights into the North Tyrolean Middle Bronze Age, presented by Stefan Gridling and based on the investigations of the Hoard from the Piller-Moosbruckschrofen” demonstrates how the study of one of the largest metal hoard finds in this region can broaden our understanding of the Middle Bronze Age in North Tyrol, despite the otherwise limited archaeological record. For instance, organizing the material along characteristics such as chronology, gender, and social status, and combining it with models of society, allows for insight into Bronze Age society and social structure.


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